Invisalign Myths Debunked

Alignment issues that affect your smile can cause more than just cosmetic concerns. If your teeth clash when you close them together, you may end up with chips or cracks in the surfaces over time. Caring for your teeth sometimes means adjusting the alignment, even as an adult. Invisalign is a nearly invisible aligner solution that is quite different from traditional braces. It works particularly well for teens and adults because it’s far less noticeable and has fewer food and drink restrictions. Yet some persistent myths regarding Invisalign treatment stop many patients from considering it. Learn the facts that bust these myths from your Bellbrook dentist, Dr. Somaiya.  

1. Invisalign Only Works on the Most Minor Occlusions

One of the most persistent myths about Invisalign is that it works only for minor causes of misalignment. Also known as dental occlusion, the amount of tilt or twist to the misaligned teeth doesn’t generally interfere with the successful use of Invisalign near me. Even relatively severe cases can be managed with this method. Your dentist can advise you on the few alignment issues that might not respond well to the treatment and what will work instead.

2. Invisalign is a New Device with a Limited Background

The development of Invisalign began in 1995, with FDA approval beginning in 1998. That gives the technique over 20 years of real-world testing and use to back up its effectiveness. While you may have only heard of Invisalign in the last few years, that doesn’t mean it’s new or somehow untested. Millions of people have successfully used the aligners, and the company has revised the design multiple times based on dentist feedback.

3. There’s No Wrong Way to Use Invisalign

While Invisalign aligners are adaptable and easy to fit into any lifestyle, there are still some rules to using them. If you don’t manage to use the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day, you won’t see the expected results. Leaving the aligners in while you eat or drink will damage them, and you must also take care when cleaning them at least once a day. Using Invisalign correctly is the key to the shortest possible treatment period.

4. Invisalign Always Takes Longer Than Braces

Speaking of the treatment period, it’s not true that Invisalign always takes longer to realign your teeth than traditional braces. Metal wires and brackets do exert a lot of aligning force on your teeth, but so do the Invisalign aligners. Many people find that Invisalign takes the same, or even less time, than braces would have for the same amount of adjustment.  

5. Invisalign Always Goes Faster Than Braces

While Invisalign can work faster than traditional braces, it’s not always the case either. Some people may need two or more years of aligner use to achieve their smile goals. In most cases, you won’t mind having to use these aligners for a little longer than you’d use braces since there are fewer restrictions on your diet.

6. You Need Special Tools to Take Care of the Aligners

The Invisalign aligners need to be cleaned with care at least once a day. However, you only need a mild non-abrasive cleaning product like dish soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush. There’s no need for the special toothbrushes and picks and flossing tools that go along with braces and other forms of orthodontic care.

7. You Don’t Need Custom-Fitted Aligners

There are a number of Invisalign competitors that use stock aligners to try and reshape your smile. These products are ineffective at best and uncomfortable or damaging at worst. You must have the aligners custom fitted to your bite pattern to get effective, comfortable, and long-lasting results.

8. You Can Eat or Drink Anything While Wearing Invisalign

It’s true that you can easily remove the Invisalign aligners for a few minutes to eat or drink practically anything you want. However, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy sticky and staining treats while you have the aligner in your mouth. Many drinks in particular can stain the material or damage it. Always remove the aligners to eat your snacks or enjoy your coffee and then brush your teeth before replacing them.

9. Any Dentist Can Provide Invisalign

While you can find Invisalign provided by dentists who don’t do many other orthodontic procedures, the dentist should have at least some expertise in dental alignment. A basic level of orthodontic training ensures that the dentist will identify issues with the treatment and address them early on so you can stay on track. You'll also get the best deal on Invisalign cost by choosing a dentist who has plenty of training with the system.

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