Straightening your teeth and closing up gaps between them used to require the use of highly visible metal braces. Today, you have plenty of options for nearly invisible teeth alignment treatments that won't interrupt your usual eating or drinking habits. Invisalign offers all this and more thanks to the use of invisible retainers. They're easy to remove throughout the day as necessary, allowing you to eat, drink, and brush freely. There's none of the discomfort that can come with braces and their adjustments either. If you're interested in Invisalign near you, here's what you need to know about treatment and what it entails.

What Dental Issues Can Invisalign Treat?

Invisalign and similar retainer treatment protocols rely on slow adjustments to the positions of your teeth, not unlike standard braces. However, these retainers work best on relatively minor alignment and gap issues. More major jaw alignment issues may need braces and other orthodontic treatments. Invisalign can work well on issues like gaps between teeth, twisted or angled teeth, moderate overbites, or spacing issues. Dr. Somaiya can guide you to the right orthodontic treatment no matter your concerns.

Is Invisalign Just for Cosmetic Improvements?

Most people who want straighter teeth or fewer gaps in their smile are primarily concerned about the appearance of their smile. However, the improvements made by using a series of retainers go beyond just a beautifully straight smile. Improving the alignment of your teeth also reduces unnecessary wear and tear where surfaces are making too much contact. Over the course of your life, that can help maintain strong and healthy teeth and reduce the chances of cavities and other dental issues. It also tends to help make your speech clearer and may help increase your bite pressure without risking damage to the teeth. If you're experiencing more widespread alignment issues, Dr. Somaiya may decide that Invisalign is the best treatment to solve the problem.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign takes 8-10 months to complete the adjustment process, and you'll receive new retainers as needed to continue improving your smile. In general, this treatment can cost between $3,000 and $6,000 to complete. That's similar to the total cost of most braces, though typically spread over a shorter period of time. If cost is a concern, there are many financing options and you may be able to get coverage from your insurance for at least part of the cost.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Most people first consider Invisalign because of its name. While the retainers aren't completely invisible, they're very hard to see when they're in your mouth. Unless someone is only inches away from your smile, they're unlikely to notice you're wearing anything at all. For most adults and teens, that's more important than any other feature of the treatment. But it's far from the only benefit. Invisalign retainers don't require brackets attached to your teeth or wires to put pressure on them. This means greatly reduced discomfort for almost everyone using them. If there is a spot on the retainer that rubs against your gum tissue or cheek, your dentist can easily adjust it to solve the problem. Invisalign also tends to provide faster results for gap closure and general alignment improvements than traditional braces. Keep in mind that more complex alignment and bite issues will take over a year to resolve no matter what method you choose, so there's a commitment required for every treatment.

Choosing a Dentist in Bellbrook, OH for Invisalign

Since the retainers come directly from a lab as needed to maintain your treatment plan, you might assume that any dentist can handle the treatment. It's best to find a dentist experienced with Invisalign and orthodontic treatment in general. You'll get good results and feel supported during the process when you have questions or concerns. The dentist must take accurate impressions of your teeth in the first place or the retainers won't work correctly. Choosing a Bellbrook dentist like Dr. Nimisha Somaiya with plenty of experience in handling Invisalign treatments will provide you with the best results in the long run. Feeling comfortable with your dentist is also key since you may need to bring up your concerns or change your treatment plan.

Book your appointment today here at Seva Dental for more information on how Invisalign could help you. We'll answer any questions you might still have about your alignment options and help you choose the right treatment based on your goals and budget. Visit us today for supportive dental care in a welcoming and peaceful environment.

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