What Makes Professional Teeth Whitening Better?

Choosing teeth whitening can help restore your smile to a more youthful appearance by removing stains and yellowing. However, not all teeth-whitening methods work the same way. When it comes time to restore the appearance of your teeth, you should choose professional whitening by your Bellbrook dentist, Dr. Somaiya. There are many benefits to letting the dentist handle your teeth whitening rather than trying to do it yourself with home kits.

Less Damage to the Gums and Teeth

By letting an expert determine just the right amount of whitening chemicals and exposure times, you're far less likely to experience gum or tooth damage than with a home kit. Every set of teeth is different, from the thickness of the enamel to the amount of whitening needed. Trying to whiten your teeth with a one-size-fits-all kit will only lead to discomfort or a lack of results. You often have to use whitening kits at home for weeks on end, increasing the teeth whitening cost to what you'd spend at the dentist anyway.

Brighter and More Even Results

Tired of only getting minor whitening effects from all the toothpastes and kits you try? Your preferred Bellbrook dentistry office can give you precisely the amount of whitening you want. If you want to pass the napkin test and get a true white tooth color, only your dentist can help. This is especially true if you have stains from medications, smoking, or drinking red wine and coffee. The dentist has a wide range of techniques for treating stubborn stains, including by placing veneers if the whitening efforts don't satisfy you.

Longer Lasting Results

After whitening, you'll notice that your color slowly returns to the stained state over time. Yellowing and discoloration occur from everything you eat and drink, and they're not entirely avoidable. However, professional whitening tends to result in whitening that lasts longer and resists yellowing for longer. When you do need more whitening, the stains will come off more easily and give you even results from a shorter treatment. This reduces the chances of sensitivity and other issues that come from ongoing whitening treatments.

Better Self Confidence

Whitening your teeth is a great way to build up your self confidence and enjoy a more youthful appearance. It's a primary reason many people seek out treatment at a dentist in Bellbrook OH, especially cosmetic treatments. Don't struggle with low self esteem when you can improve your appearance with a few visits to the dentist's office. In addition to teeth whitening, you may want to consider tooth straightening and gum contouring to get the smile of your dreams.

Customized Whitening Levels

As mentioned above, home teeth whitening kits are built to work for everything. Unfortunately, that leaves you with cookie-cutter results that may not flatter your skin tone or tooth shape. Your dentist will help you select the perfect shade of white to get a natural but sparkling look. If necessary, you'll get a different level of whitening on each tooth until they all match perfectly. You can't get those kinds of customized results at home with a kit you pick up from the drugstore.

Targeted Stain Treatment

There isn't much a home teeth whitening kit can do for you when it comes to discoloration and visible stains. Only a dentist with targeted whitening treatments can address the issues that mar your smile. In cases where the stains can't be completely removed with UV light and peroxide alone, there are other options from the dentist like dental bonding and veneers. Covering up the stain can work even better than trying to remove it if the pigments have penetrated past the first layer of enamel on the surface.

Combined with Other Treatments

If you have other issues with your smile beyond just yellowing or discoloration, you may want a full smile makeover rather than just whitening. You can't find solutions for more serious dental issues that you can DIY at home. Seeing your dentist for a full assessment of your smile will help you visualize what can be done to improve it. Don't struggle with issues like chips, tilted and rotated teeth, or gaps between them when your dentist has lots of options to solve them.

Your dentist can show you real before and after photos to make it clear why professional whitening is much better than anything that comes from a DIY kit. Plan your appointment with us here at Seva Dental to start planning out your smile makeover. We'll show you exactly what you can look like with a few modifications to your teeth with digital images. Come see us today to find out how much your appearance could change with a few whitening visits and other cosmetic treatments.

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